Joe Bushnell (our Dad) is a Louisana born transplant to Seattle Washington, where he has made his home since 1959. He worked in the grocery business for over 25 years.  This experience gave him background and insight into to start Broussards Creole Foods.

Dad developed the carefully selected blend of seasonings in 1983.  We market Broussards to specialty grocery stores, restaurants, state & Federal Government Cafeterias, Hotel Hospitality, Cruise Ships and of course we love small and big business too! When dad isn’t busy promoting Broussards in the marketplace, he spends his time cooking (with Broussards Creole Seasoning, naturally) and developing recipes for his recipe booklets. Check out the recipe booklet for traditional Creole and Cajun favorites such as Boudin and Etoufee.

Whether you’re preparing meat, vegetables, or seafood, you can add the wonderful flavor of Broussards Creole Seasoning. The original recipe was passed to Dad from his father who used it to cure meat in southern Louisiana. Marinating ham and sausage with the spices and herbs before smoking gives them an incredible taste.  Beef, pork, chicken dishes, gumbo, catfish, barbeque, french fries, sauces, stews and soups are among the many dishes enhanced by Broussards Creole Seasoning.

Broussards Original Louisiana Creole Foods products are prepared from authentic Creole recipes which were passed down in the Broussard family for generations.  Only the most carefully selected blend of these exotic herbs and spices, treasured by the great Creole cooks are used to prepare mouth watering, tasty dishes.  Now they are available for those who want the same exotic flavors to enhance and bring exciting tastes to meals prepared at home.  These seasonings can be used in place of salt and pepper.